Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Methods of Tattoos Removal

It is not known exactly when the practice of tattooing got started, but some evidence of tattoos have been found on Egyptian mummies back in 1300 B.C. Tattoos are made artistically on the skin by injecting a color into small holes in the skin. However due to several reasons, people take the help of physicians to remove tattoos.

The physician will choose a tattoo removal method after considering the size and length of the tattoo. He will also take into consideration the time that the tattoo has been on the skin.

Some of these widely used tattoo removal methods include:

Excision: This is one of the most popular tattoo removal methods, especially when the tattooed area is small. By using this method, tattoos can be removed completely from the skin. In order to remove large tattoos, the excision process is done in stages.

While performing this method, the tattooed area is first numbed, and then it is erased surgically.

Dermabrasion: Another tattoo removal procedure is known as the “Dermabrasion Procedure”. Laser techniques such as Q-switched Nd: Yag, Q-switched Alexandrite and the Q-switched Ruby, are being used to remove tattoos.