Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Style o Dragon Tattoos

Without a doubt, dragon tattoo patterns are some of the most popular styles out there. Don’t take our word for it-just go to any local beach and check out the array laid out before you. What is it about these mythical creatures that drive people into tattoo studios in droves? The following is an explanation of the phenomenon of the dragon tattoo, and why it’s become so popular in the past decade.

First, it’s important to look at the beast behind the design. Amazingly, dragons are embedded in cultures throughout the world. In studying ancient civilizations, one comes across the dragon in one form or another in European, Oriental, and Iranian tradition. The dragon certainly has some grounding in real life. Look no further than monitor lizards or other scaly serpents and you’ll find real world examples. How the dragon became so ubiquitous in cultures across the globe may be a mystery, but it is certainly a testament to how powerful and appealing these mythical creatures are. No matter who you are or where your ancestors came from, a dragon can fit into the way you define yourself.

Dragons are generally depicted as reptilian creatures. While their appearance varies across cultures, dragons usually share the same characteristics regardless of what culture you’re studying. In virtually every case, this mythical beast is capable of rapid flight, as well as the ability to spit fire, sending enemies reeling. The combination of these two factors make the dragon one of the most fearful creatures roaming the earth, so watch out!

Your dragon tattoo represents something different to everyone who views it. Apart from just being an intricate, beautiful design, the tattoo holds symbolic value as a way to express the things that are important to you. On a man, the dragon might represent power, or wisdom. Many people see dragons on women as a sign of cunning and deviousness.

It’s important to remember that dragons can both help and hurt human beings. Mythical dragons often served as the wizard’s steed, providing transport into and out of battle. At the same time, evil dragons were dangerous creatures capable of destruction without so much as a second’s notice. Their hot fire could instantly melt the bravest of warriors. Perhaps that’s part of the dragon’s appeal; contemplating this beast makes people run the gamut of emotions. Without more information, there’s no way of knowing whether the dragon you see is helpful or harmful. In a sense, you’re almost forced to inquire further details. That’s one of the benefits of an interesting, provocative dragon tattoo: it’s an instant conversation starter. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons people get tattoos in the first place?

If you’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo (or your first!), you should strongly consider a dragon as your chosen style. These powerful creatures evoke the powerful emotions from tattoo artists, and you’re sure to come out of the studio with a design that will astonish everyone lucky enough to see it.

Picking a tattoo design to permanently put on your body is no easy task. And nor should it. The challenge of picking and finding a design you think you will love forever is half the fun. The second half of the fun is wearing a tattoo you love. Find your tattoo at Pro Tattoo Designs.

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