Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Feminine Tattoos Tribal

Get the feminie tattoos tribal. Choose the Top Location For Sexy Female Tattoos There are a wide variety of locations that a person can get a tattoo. Really you can get one just about anywhere on your body that you might wan

Beautiful Cute Cattoos : Lower Back Tattoo

Beautiful Cute Cattoos : Lower Back Tattoo

Choose The Feminie Tattoos

When you are choosing a feminine tattoo you need to take 5 things into consideration.
`1. Make sure that you really want a tattoo and it's not just a passing phase
`2. Choose a design which fits your personality, if you're not a biker chick you don't want a skull and crossbones on your arm
`3. Location of a tattoo is very important, it's going to be their a long time and you can't move it around
4. Size matters, get a tattoo which suits the build of your body, this way it won't look out of place
5. Be Happy with your tattoo and put it on display

Sexy Wetih Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design

Sexy Wetih Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design

Hot Girl With Red and Blue Tattoos

Hot Girl with Red and Blue Tattoos Picture.........

The Purple Glow Buuterfly Tattoos Design

Choose the Purple Glow butterfly tattoo for inspiration and others.

Sexy With Flower Tattoo

Sexy Flower Tattoos pictures.....

Beautiful Flower Love Tattoo

Beautiful Flower Love Tattoo Picture......

Monday, January 26, 2009

Heart and Love Tattoos Design

this is a heart and love tattoos design...

True Love Tattoos Picture

this is a true love tattoos picture.....

Russian Criminal Tattoos Picture

This inmate had a double dig at the authorities. This tattoo was found on his left buttock, while the right one had a derogatory image of the Order of Lenin. The text below the caricature says: “The chief great Russian swine!”. The wearer’s grudge stemmed from a conviction for speculating in foreign goods bought from merchant seamen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wing and Love, Heart Tattoos

This is a Wing and Love, Heart Tattoos pictures........

The Russian Prison Tattoos

The Russian prison population is one of the largest in the world. From the mid-1960's to the 1980's, thirty-five million people were incarcerated, and of those, twenty to thirty million were tattooed. The tattoos display inmates' contempt for official justice and retribution--phrases and images directly mock the political system and the absence of any possibility for "reform" within the jails. "For a convict, prison is a crime college," reads one typical statement. Convicted female gang members sometimes prefer the simple declaration, "People are wild animals."

Indian Tattoos Pictures

Indian Tattoos picture.......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love Music Tattoos Picture

If you love music then you will always want people around you to know that your passion about music . Well , one popular wa is usingMusic notes tattoos . This way , you can let people notice about your tattoo music and people would know that music is one of your interest ! Let’s take a look at how the increasing popularity of music has resulted in an enormous demand for music notes tattoos. By having this information you will be able to make an informed decision about if music note tattoos are right for you

Indian Skull Tattoos Pictures

Choose Indian Skull Tattoos for you tattoos.

The American Indian Tattoo Design and Picture

American Indian Tattoos Design

American Indian Tattoo Design and Picture......

The Native American Tattoos

The Native American Tattoos Pictures.......

The Native American tattoo designs and symbols - much like tattoos designs described as "Polynesian tattooing" - is an enormous area of tattooing culture to cover. As in Polynesia with the many diverse far-flung cultures of the South Pacific, native North America was and is made up of hundreds and hundreds of culturally distinctive indigenous peoples