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Tribal Wings Tattoos

this picture of tribal wings that are designs of two birds looking at each other.

Arm_band Tribal Tattoos

Tribal armband tattoos are one of the most common and popular types of armband tattoos out there. These designs look great and can add a touch to your upper arm. They are easy to cover up for work if placed high enough yet they can easily be shown when it is desired. Thus making tribal armband tattoo very popular choice among many men and even some women. This article will help you discover some of the different styles of tribal armband tattoos as well as some ideas for placement, pain level and cost.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Butterfly Tattoos

Since our early childhood we have always been fascinated by butterflies, because they look so colorful and so lively in the same time during their very short life. This fascination sometimes can lead to the wish to have a butterfly tattoo. But these tattoos can have deep meanings. Actually butterflies have fascinated painters and musicians as well.

If you are decided to have a butterfly tattoo, you have to choose the artist very carefully, because you want a work of art on your body, not kitsch. That is why a real artist should have a photo of a butterfly when he does your tattoo; because it is can look really natural and you can bear with you for the rest of your life your childhood dream with butterflies as flying rainbows. If you want to prove that it is not only an image on your body, you can read about that species of butterfly and everybody around you can be impressed.

To continue with, butterflies are usually preferred by women because they are so frail just like most of the women in this world. Furthermore, you should know that butterflies are solar creatures, as they can fly only by day, and this is a reason more to be adored by those people who love the sun, light and purity.

As far as esoteric meanings of a butterfly are concerned, it is sometimes believed that some pure souls of beloved dead people come back to visit us under the shape of a wonderful, joyful butterfly. On the other hand, other cultures think that the presence of a butterfly is associated with a baby who is going to be born. And if we take into account that an unborn baby is just a free soul flying around, we can combine these two beliefs…

If we have a dream with butterflies in a flower garden it can mean happiness and the need of stability and if in your dream butterflies can be seen flying around, you can receive news from a friend who is somewhere far away from you.

A butterfly tattoo can be an expression of your personality as well, because only a delicate, innocent soul can have a butterfly tattooed, especially those women who had never tried to sting a butterflies head in order to get a good mark in zoology when they were little girls. A woman who bears a butterfly tattoo is sensitive; she looks like coming from midsummer night’s dream in which butterflies were replaced by fairies or from Peter Pan’s never land, flying with Wendy and Tinker Bell. Women who have butterflies tattooed are lovable and they have a lot of love to offer too. A woman bearing a butterfly tattoo likes to sleep on a bed of roses and wakes up in the morning with dewdrops over her eyelashes.

The most frequent butterfly tattoo places are the shoulders or lower back, the abdomen or the ankle or even intimate areas, but irrespective of the tattoo place the message is the same: totally sensitive

Beatiful Girl with Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos have been one of the most popular tattoos design requested by girl.

The Buddha Face Tattoo with Tribal Design

The Buddha Face Tattoo with Tribal tattoos Design.

The Return of Monsters Ink a Twin Moon

The artist really did a wonderful job keeping the tattoo in the Sendak style

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